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I See My Death Tonight

Transmitted on Saturday, May, 16th, 2009 in Love , Poetry

I See My Death Tonight

in the way
your woman scent

has gotten trapped
in the micro-gravity

of my emptied bed,
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Body Worship

Transmitted on Saturday, May, 16th, 2009 in Love , Poetry

Psalm:  Body Worship

he kisses the sloping half-moons of her thighs,
the long, even grade of her small hips,
the soft, dark bird of her pelvis,
the open, glassy sea of her stomach,
the pale, upturned questions of her breasts,
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Review: Capturing the Dead

Transmitted on Saturday, May, 16th, 2009 in Reviews

Capturing the Dead
Daniel Nathan Terry

Winner of the 2007 Stevens Poetry Manuscript Competition, Capturing the Dead is everything that its title implies:  a journey, an expedition, a search for phantasms and specters that, ultimately, allows us to bring home lost souls and forgotten spirits, to capture them, one by one, even as they seem to capture us.
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Review: Universal Monsters

Transmitted on Tuesday, May, 12th, 2009 in Reviews

Universal Monsters
Bryan Dietrich
Word Press

Great movies are usually afforded sequels, great bands have sophomore albums and great writers, if we’re lucky, get the opportunity to have second books.  Well, in 2007 luck was on our side.  Coming out of Word Press, Bryan Dietrich’s second poetry collection Universal Monsters is a much more personal, intimate work than the award-winning Krypton Nights.  With Universal Monsters the poet switches off the fireball machine, unplugs the floating head and booming voice gizmo and, in a very gentle, intimate way, steps from behind the curtain to speak for himself.
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