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Pushcart Prize Nomination

Transmitted on Thursday, November, 26th, 2009 in Uncategorized

I am very pleased to announced that the following poem has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  Very exciting stuff!

Thinly Veiled, the Young Man Comes
to Me Seeking a Friendly Face

(The Joker)

So I’m out and about one day
when this “priest” walks up to me and says,
“Beloved bard, my mother has died
and my father is ill and I’ve lost my faith.”

And I said to him, “But faith’s forever!
Got a lifetime warranty, doesn’t it? I’ve
always wondered about that though,
Whose life?”

But, anyhow, this “priest” said to me,
“God’s become a ghost. An imagination
in my head. He used to feel so real.
I could touch him in my mother’s hands.” Dive deeper…

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Graphic Poetry Project: Part 2

Transmitted on Saturday, November, 14th, 2009 in Uncategorized

Here’s another sample from my graphic poetry project (see previous post if you’re not familiar with it).  This is a trial run of lettering being added to the artwork.  Enjoy!

Artwork by Federico Zumel, Lettering by Jeff Carney

Artwork by Federico Zumel, Lettering by Jeff Carney

This poem is actually a sonnet, an English sonnet Dive deeper…

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Graphic Poetry Project: Part 1

Transmitted on Wednesday, November, 4th, 2009 in Heroes & Myth , New Stuff , Poetry

This is a sample from a project I’m currently working on that, much like my writing, combines poetry and comic books.  This project will be my attempt to create a graphic poetry collection based on my manuscript “…hide behind me…” which was my thesis and which has had much success in individual poem publications.

Where my poetry tends to pull the comic book world into it, this project is an attempt to fuse the two worlds evenly.  This sample is from VERY early in the project’s development, but still something I thought I’d share as I believe this project will come out to be something very special in the end.  Enjoy.

(Note:  This character is NOT Batman (the funky haircut probably gave that away. Ha!)  He’s a lifelong criminal by the name of Iron Man Vasquez who, for a moment, tried to redeem himself by pretending to be a hero.  The poems here reflect his thoughts as he looks back on his life in his dying moments.)

Artwork by Federico Zumel

Artwork by Federico Zumel

Chewing the Bones of Teenage Love

In school together, she and I ain’t talked.
I was the big, mean demon her old man
told her would hurt her deep. He said I’d stalk
and rape and kill her. “That’s all his kind can

digest,” I heard him tell her once. Dive deeper…

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