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Heatsinks & Love: Seeking “Big”

Transmitted on Wednesday, February, 23rd, 2011 in Uncategorized

Modern Geek Chronicles:

A Geek Seeking “Big”

The ladies have known it for years:  bigger is better.  We like to try and pretend that it’s not true, even as we sit groggily on the couch at 3 a.m., watch those Enzyte commercials and wonder…look  down at our lap…then wonder again.

(Yeah, go ahead, pretend it’s just me.)

But the simple truth is that, in a great many times in life, you want bigger.  We geeks are no exception.  We want “Big.”  Big computers.  Big hard drives.  Big keyboards.  Big games.  Big mathematics.  Big atom smashers.  Big Geek get togethers.

We love Big.

Dive deeper…

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Modern Geek: ‘Memba This?!

Transmitted on Sunday, February, 20th, 2011 in The Modern Geek

Modern Geek Chronicles:

Great Moments in Geek

“You can’t move forward if you’re busy looking back.”

…Shenanigans!.  A brilliant geek somewhere invented rear-view sunglasses to conquer that exact problem!  So for today’s edition of Modern Geek, I’m taking some time to look back and remember some of the moments of geek that get me all misty-eyed.

So c’mon, Captain Walker!  Let’s say bye-d’bye to all the high scrapers and v-v-v-ideo machines, and let’s travel back in time…Modern Geek style! Dive deeper…

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A Modern Geek Book Review

Transmitted on Wednesday, February, 16th, 2011 in The Modern Geek

A Modern Geek Book Review:

“Weapon X”…The Best Ever!

From time to time, Modern Geek will take time out to spotlight outstanding achievements and/or pivotal moments in Geek. Today is one of those times.

First and foremost, I’m a comic book geek…as if this entire website didn’t give it away. And every few months, when my comic book passion has waned on account of lackluster storylines at the local comic book store (I mean, I love you, Marvel, but Jesus!  Nobody fucks up a storyline like you guys!), I undertake that highest of comic book geek pleasures: digging through my entire comic book collection in search of my favorite stories. Dive deeper…

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MG: RAID 0 Turns Me On

Transmitted on Sunday, February, 13th, 2011 in The Modern Geek

Modern Geek Chronicles:

RAID 0 Turns Me On

Yeah.  That’s right.  I said it.

It’s been a long time since I had a serious computer.  Too long.  For about five years now I’ve been living as the Geek equivalent of a Rwandan refugee.  Getting by with one Best Buy, eco-friendly, sans-balls laptop after another.  No real tower of my own to call my base of operations.  All my computers came pre-built.  Quaint little mass produced whores that I, shamefully, let into my house.

I tried not to blame myself.  Times were tough and I couldn’t afford the good stuff.  Yeah, I might snag a decent hard drive here or there.  Maybe throw in some mid-grade ram when I could.  But, ultimately, it was all just the equivalent of dressing up your cousin from West Virginia, taking her to the prom and weeping softly—the both of you—as you made out in the gymnasium bathroom at end of the night.

(Don’t act like that was just me.)

But no more.

This time, like a good geek, I’m building the electronic prom date of my dreams Dive deeper…

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