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Geek Love

Transmitted on Wednesday, February, 9th, 2011 in The Modern Geek

Geek Love

There’s love, and then there’s Geek Love.

Geek love is the not-so-distant cousin of Love.  Geek Love shows up Love’s family reunion driving an electric car and wearing the most ergonomic shoes his credit chits can buy.  Geek Love settles in at Love’s dinner table next to Long-Distance Love and asks if sexting is working out as well as the algorithms predict.  Geek Love sips its wine and lectures One-Night-Stand-Love about its chances of catching a sexually transmitted disease—yes, Geek Love can be a buzzkill sometimes.  When Intellectual Love walks in Geek Love cheers—they grew up together, Geek Love and Intellectual Love.  They still hang out on the weekends, talking about how sad it was that Firefly was canceled prematurely or discussing the ultimate value of the Existentialist movement.  Sometimes Geek Love sets Intellectual Love up with one of its friends, and vice versa.  But it never quite works out.  It comes close, often, but things never really go the way they probably should.  Why? Dive deeper…

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Geek Defense

Transmitted on Sunday, February, 6th, 2011 in The Modern Geek

Defending Your Fellow Geek

Somewhere north of Columbia  I was low on petrol and vitamin-Twizzler.  As I turned into the gas station it was obvious that things had gone wrong.  A crowd stood around one of the pumps with their hands on their hips or folded across their chests as one of the gas station attendants came from behind the building with a heavy, white bucket-o-something.

The clear liquid spread across the concrete wasn’t water—crowds don’t gather for water anymore.  I won’t keep you in suspense:  it was diesel fuel.  Some schmuck had decided to leave the pump unattended—in spite of the many posted warnings about such things—and now there was so much diesel on the ground I thought Michael Bay was filming Transformers 7:  Another Damned Paycheck.

(For the record:  when standing in the midst of this great quantities of flammable liquid one begins to wonder certain things:  Can cell phones really ignite vapor?  Can a static discharge ignite vapor?      Can a ’98 Honda Accord with a bad paint job and a dented front hood ignite vapor?  Dive deeper…

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Games/Comics/the Modern Geek

Transmitted on Wednesday, February, 2nd, 2011 in The Modern Geek

The Modern Geek Chronicles:

What I Learned from Video Games & Comics

I saw a writing prompt on a certain website–which shall remain nameless because I’ve got a few bones to pick with them–that posed the question:  What have we learned from video games & comic books?

Well, here’s what I have to say about that:

Asking what the modern geek has learned from video games and comic books is like asking what the A-Team learned from having plan.  In the realm of Geek, video games and comic books are the whole reason for uprooting our wife and son and heading to Arrakis.

Modern Geek Rule #1: “The Geek must flow!”

I can still remember waking up on that fateful Christmas morning long, long ago, a morning drenched in the swarthy scent of Nintendo Entertainment System.  A morning of sore thumbs and blurred vision and my mother yelling that I was on my way to becoming a zombie.  Decades later I’m a poet and a fiction writer, but still no closer to zombiedom.

Modern Geek Rule # 211: Dammit, Ma!

When I was nine years old the Silver Surfer showed up in the laundry room of my aunt’s house Dive deeper…

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