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“We Call This Thing Between Us Love” now for sale

Transmitted on Tuesday, August, 18th, 2009 in New Stuff , Poetry , Welcome

I am very proud to announce that my first poetry collection, We Call This Thing Between Us Love, is now available for advance ordering from Main Street Rag. The release date is December 13 but it’s available for pre-ordering right now.  And, more importantly, pre-ordering saves you money!

We Call This Thing Between Us Love

We Call This Thing Between Us Love

The book is $9.00 if purchased in advance and $14.00 after release. So save some cabbage and buy in advance!


Here’s where you go to buy the book:

And here’s the bio page (which has samples):

Blurbs about the book:
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Welcome to

Transmitted on Friday, May, 1st, 2009 in Welcome

Greetings, Internet Surfer, and welcome to  But what exactly IS you ask?  Well, that’s a long answer. But, since there is still much contention over whether or not Time is infinite, I’ll offer up the short version:

Essentially, is a blog(ish) place designed to broadcast poetic and/or prose transmissions from the darkest (and sometimes brightest) nether regions of Jason Mott’s mind. But who is Jason Mott? He’s a poet and fiction writer who’s getting more than a little freaked out speaking about himself in the third person. So let’s make a small grammar shift, shall we?


Okay, let’s start again:

My name is Jason Mott. (Yes…yes, Igor! That feels much, much better). I’m a writer living in North Carolina and I’m proud to say that I write a great deal of poetry that focuses on superheroes. I’m a fanboy (and proud of it!). Like some of you who may have come across this website, I grew up reading comic books. And, like others of you who may have come across this website, I grew up reading lots of classic literature and poetry.

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