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Review: Writing Metrical Poetry

Transmitted on Sunday, May, 3rd, 2009 in Reviews

Writing Metrical Poetry
William Baer
Writer’s Digest Books

If you find yourself more than a little frightened by the idea of writing formal, metrical poetry, then fear no longer.  The good news is that help exists.  Published in 2006, William Baer’s Writing Metrical Poetry is a great introductory-level book for the poet interested in working within popular traditional forms.
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Welcome to

Transmitted on Friday, May, 1st, 2009 in Welcome

Greetings, Internet Surfer, and welcome to  But what exactly IS you ask?  Well, that’s a long answer. But, since there is still much contention over whether or not Time is infinite, I’ll offer up the short version:

Essentially, is a blog(ish) place designed to broadcast poetic and/or prose transmissions from the darkest (and sometimes brightest) nether regions of Jason Mott’s mind. But who is Jason Mott? He’s a poet and fiction writer who’s getting more than a little freaked out speaking about himself in the third person. So let’s make a small grammar shift, shall we?


Okay, let’s start again:

My name is Jason Mott. (Yes…yes, Igor! That feels much, much better). I’m a writer living in North Carolina and I’m proud to say that I write a great deal of poetry that focuses on superheroes. I’m a fanboy (and proud of it!). Like some of you who may have come across this website, I grew up reading comic books. And, like others of you who may have come across this website, I grew up reading lots of classic literature and poetry.

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