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It is with great excitement that I present the cover for THE RETURNED. Amazingly pleased with what the design team came up with!



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THE RETURNED at Shelf Awareness

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Shelf Awareness did a writeup on my wonderful publisher, MIRA, and I received a very cool mention. Thanks so much to my editor, Erika Khan Imranyi, and everyone at MIRA!

Shelf Awareness Writeup

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Publisher’s Weekly Interview

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Below is my very first interview for my novel “The Returned” via Publisher’s Weekly. To say I’m excited is an understatement. Excuse me while I moonwalk to the kitchen.

Publisher’s Weekly Interview for The Returned

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“…hide behind me…” Review

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Yesterday I found this review for my second poetry collection “…hide behind me…” A good review always feels great!

“…hide behind me…” review from the Greensboro News & Record

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